Winter/Spring 2020 Issue

£4.01 - £9.79

The second issue of Asparagus came out at the end of 2019. You can pick up a copy from one of our fine stockists, order a copy online, or better yet, subscribe and save! In this issue, you'll enjoy:

  • A pair of cover stories from Katy Severson and Ben Sledge, looking at two alternatives to conventionally farmed meat: veganism and regenerative agriculture, with original photography by Erin Flegg
  • Bex Van Koot's tale of bugs, climate change, elk, forests, humans, and how we're all connected, with original illustrations by Sarah Clement
  • An essay examining the things we've all lost in the Amazon fires
  • Columns from the Environmentalist from Hell and the Black Sheep Parent, and our newest column, The View from Inside, which takes us behind-the-scenes in the environmental movement.
  • Plus the great diaper debate, raising a greener glass, forest conservation in Romania, Indigenous health, D&D for ecologists, decolonizing the city, and more!

All amounts in Canadian dollars (which tend to hover around 75 US cents). Cost of shipping included in magazine orders.