Travel Mug


Everyone loves a hot cup of something, whether coffee, tea, maté, or cocoa. But no one loves a polluter!

Instead of disposable cups that make your enviro friends hate you (not to mention let your drink get cold WAY too fast), pick up one of Gus' classy, stainless steel travel mugs.

  • Holds 16 oz (470 mL) of your beverage of choice
  • Vacuum-insulated, stainless-steel, dual-wall construction maintains your drink's temperature for hours
  • Sweat-free design
  • Clear, twist-on, sip-through lid

Show the world your bright, green side with our iconic asparagus stalk graphic, or let those disposable-cup users know how you really feel about them, with a mug that says "Your coffee cup makes me hate you."