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  • A cover story by Lauren Kaljur about community efforts to save BC's bats
  • Award-winning author Carleigh Baker's powerful essay: "This Land Doesn't Need a White Saviour," accompanied by Arlyn Charlie's exquisite photography of the Peel River Watershed
  • Amir Aziz's article about Canada's booming - but unsustainable - chaga foraging industry, with original illustrations by Lucinda Calder
  • An essay by Taneasha White about the importance of broadening our definition of activism so it's inclusive of folks with disabilities, with an original illustration by Afuwa
  • The columns you love: Environmentalist from Hell, Black Sheep Parenting for a Greener Future, The View from Inside, and Monetary Values
  • Plus: a Decider about Christmas trees, lake preservation in India, the Mi'kmaq way of life, cat food of the future, the disappearing Athabasca glacier, the story of fluoride and more!

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